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When it comes to our rap beats for sale, we are proud to offer a quality that will give your music career a boost in the right direction. We have been in the music industry for years, and have developed a reputation for quality work. In the production of our rap beats, quality must be involved in every process of the production. There must be quality in both the producer and the material used in production. When human quality is in place, and material or tool quality is also in place, then the beat production quality will be guaranteed. When you buy our rap beats, the quality will speak for itself. This write up will show you why you should buy our top-class rap beats.

High-quality Rap Beats for Sale

If you are here to purchase a world-class, high-quality rap beat, you are in the right place. This is where men are made. There are so many useless and mediocre clueless rap beats everywhere on the web. And some rap artists have fallen for that trap and have become victims. Buying a useless rap beat is very injurious to your music career. That’s why its important to buy from a reputable, professional source. EnmassMusic is the headquarters of world-class rap beats. You can also take advantage of our discounted rap beats to place under your vocals. Even as an upcoming rap music artist, our rap beats will help you to make your demo and mixtape and will equally help you to manage your budget, after which you can then decide to purchase exclusive licenses for even higher-quality rap beats.

Amazing Customer Support

We have industry leading customer support for everyone that purchases our top-class rap beats. The after-sale service will help to look into any issue that you may have. Our customer support will quickly respond to any query that you may send in. For several years in the music industry, we have built our customer support system to be customer friendly, standing us out from the crowd of other beat producers. Our customer support staff are available and accessible at any point in time providing an excellent service without any hitch whatsoever for smooth operation and also for your own overall comfortability and convenience as well. So, I strongly recommend that you make use of our customer support center on the website for any issue that you may encounter.

Happy Customers

For so many years now, we have been successfully making high quality rap beats for sale. We are proud to tell you that we have never disappointed our customers. It is important to mention that our high-quality rap beats have seen many rap artists transition and move to a higher the level through the use of our beats. We have seen our clients move from up and coming rap artists to globally renowned producers. Having bought the rap beats from us, our esteemed customers have given us several sale reviews that will enable you to know and confirm that indeed we are what we say we are. Our happy customers are the perfect barometer to measure us by. Our customers are especially happy with rap beats (how quality the beat is and the process it takes to pay and do the rap beats download) and the service that accompanies them.

Decades of Production Experience

As a beat producer, we have a team of professionals that have been tested and have developed a trusted reputation. We have been in the game or business of producing beats for artists for many years. Our team of professionals is talented and skillful in beat production and are able to produce a perfect overall result. Apart from the latent talent and skill possessed by our crop of professionals, the experience of producing rap beats is required. Our producers each have as much as a few decades of beat production experience, meaning you are receiving beats from some of the highest regarded producers in the industry. We produce the right rap beat for your song, to create a seamless and beautiful final product. Our beats will help you create beautiful music for a fraction of the investment. You will need to fully count on us for a fitting rap beat for your song. We have done it for many before you, and we will continue doing it for many after you.

Instant Beat Delivery

It does not take too much time to deliver your rap beats to you. When you identify the rap beats for sale that you want, you need to purchase it. Browse the beats store to find the beat, tempo, and genre that is required for your style and song. Make sure that the license that accompanies it is fitting for your application. Thereafter, you can proceed to make your payment using our streamlined checkout feature. The moment your payment is confirmed, there is going to be an instant or immediate delivery of the rap beat that you have just purchased. The rap beat will be immediately downloadable on your account. Simply download the rap beat and you can begin to use it immediately.

Licenses and Upgrades

When you buy rap beats online, you incidentally buy or lease a license for the beat as well. Every beat producer selling beats on the web must sell or lease a license to go with it. And the unique thing is that every producer of beats to a very large extent may have a slightly difference license from one another. But it is very important to make sure that you go through the website to read through so that you can determine the type of license that will work best for you. If you are an up and coming music artist, you ought to work more with non-exclusive licenses so that you can do some demos and mixtapes but as you grow to improve in your career, you will need to begin buying exclusive beat licenses so that you can progress your career. When you move from a beat license to a better exclusive beat license, this is regarded as a license upgrade.

Industry-Leading Prices

For several years now, we have been producing and selling high quality rap beats for cheap prices. We have made very strong statements with the sale of our rap beats. Our rap beats are very affordable for every category of music. As an up and coming rap artist, we have a newbie package so that you can fit within your budget easily. Our rap beats are very cheap compared to many beats on the web, but they also are of similar or higher quality than many that are available. We can afford to sell our rap beats for cheap because we make them all in-house, so we dictate the prices. Additionally, we care deeply about our customers and we want to ensure that our clients can grow in a this notoriously difficult market.  

The Marketplace

You do not need any physical contact to do business with us unless it concerns providing help for you in the main production of your rap music. Many times, we help our customers, especially the up and coming rap artists to get up by helping them to rewrite some rap lines and verses as the case may be. As music producers, we have maintained an online presence for so long that you can actually do everything you want to do with us without coming directly to us. When you look through our website online and you go through our music store, you can find the rap beats you need, and the rest of the process will take place online including the instant delivery of the rap beat that you have purchased. Every part of the process, from the inquiry, to the purchase, to the use of the beat, can take place incredibly quickly, and entirely digitally.


We are here for you. And that is the reason why we have assembled the best producers in the industry in order to create our high-quality rap beats for your music. Aside from the rap beat production, we can also produce beats for all types of genres such as country, old school, jazz and a whole lot more. This is what we do. This is our business and we give our assurance that you can get the best rap beat for sale from us.

If you have any issue with your download or you did not receive any beat download link, simply send us a query through our customer service channel, and you can be assured of a very quick response.

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