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The History of R&B

Rhythm and Blues is the acronym for R&B. R&B is a genre of a popular music that originated from the African communities in America in the 1940s. Louis Jordan is generally regarded as the father of R&B. He is a legend and an all-time music maker according to the Dave’s Music Database. R&B is a combination of soul singing and a very strong back beat. While Rock is known to generally dominate American society, hip-hop and R&B have overtaken Rock according to the Nielsen Music year-end report. R&B has been growing as it is widely accepted across the globe. If you are looking for top high-quality R&B beats for sale, you have just come to the right place. Our different collections of R&B will shock you.

Killer Beats

This is the palace of R&B beats that will suit your soul. It is certain that you will find the R&B beat of your dreams in a variety of tempos that will befit your particular needs. The beats can be less than 4 minutes or longer than that as you require. These R&B killer beats have been prearranged such that the verse and hook sections patiently wait for your vocals to be recorded on it. When you purchase such prearranged and recorded beats, simply play the track or the beat and superimpose your voice or vocal on it. The beat can also be saved with different extensions like the mp3 mp4 and a lot of other standard music extensions. It is important to note that when you purchase a certain R&B beat, the license to use the track or beat will be automatically transferred to you.

Private R&B Beats

We know that some of our users want private beats. For some, using the same beat as many other producers just doesn’t convey the professionalism that you want. Not to worry, we have you covered too. Periodically, we release first-come, first-served private beats in each of the categories. Only one person can purchase each of these before they are removed from our marketplace. If you sign up for our email alerts, you can be the first to know about our private R&B beats for sale. These are truly premium beats, and are priced as such. These private beats mean that we serve everyone, from established artists to those just looking to break into the space.

Professionalism + Experience = Beat Quality

It is not just enough to produce R&B beats; the quality must be sought for. There are several R&B beats out there without a taste of what is called beat quality. In order to produce a very high-standard and high-quality R&B beat, it requires a whole lot of professionalism and a lot of experience as well. When these are combined together, you will have a premium beat. In this palace of beats, top producers with record experience have been charged to produce top-class R&B standard beats for our clients to have a supreme music career. Some top producers even have a vast experience in hip-hop and r&b production, which is a sweet blend of the hip hop and r&b genres. Your specific needs will surely be met as you work with us. Always look beyond the beat, but go for the quality.

The Beats for the Buys

We provide a wide array of R&B beats with different great and high-class tempos produced by our top class, professional R&B producers. These producers are full of experience in the music industry. You can definitely bank and fly on the shoulders of these experienced producers to take your music career to the next level, where it should be. When you decide to give your promo or mixtape a true meaning and spice, our R&B beats will put you in the right direction. You can even begin with a demo to have a taste of what we are capable of doing with your vocals. Our beats will place you in the limelight as you stand out from the crowd. It is better to take advantage of our highly skilled professionals to quickly give your music career a new face as you purchase our beats.

We Got Your Backs

When it comes to the types of the R&B beats produced by our full-time professionals, there are a variety of beats available for all different types of artists. No matter the type of artist you are, you can rest assured that we have your back. There are beats for jazz artists, rappers, Disc Jockeys, video producers and a lot more. You can be certain that there will be no exception to the beat that will be produced. Even if what you are looking for is a free rap beat, you can be assured that we still got your back. The free beat will give room for you to have a glimpse of what we can do with the beat and how far your career can go. Once again, simply rest assured that whenever you are in need of a beat, just know that we got your back.

Custom R&B Beats

In addition to the above, we can also produce any kind of custom beat. This can be made possible through the use of our professional expertise. We have observed that many artists in reality often want to purchase custom beats that fit their type of music. Custom beats date back to the early period of the R&B beats. As it has developed over time, R&B has become more and more widely accepted even across the globe. Several customs beats are available for different types of music like jazz, hip hop and a lot more. You can make a request for a custom beat to do your promo, radio advertisement or radio jingle as the case may be.

Beat FAQs

When you want to make your purchase on the web, navigate through the website. Before you make your purchase, take some time to go through the Frequently Asked Questions. This will enable you to have firsthand insight into what you need to do to get the beat of your dreams. Sometimes, you may not be able to see answers to some of the questions that you may be looking for but there is a provision for you when such case arises. You might have to make use of another medium that will be provided for that purpose to get further information on it. This could be to send a personal email or to contact the customer care representative in order to get help for questions that are not included in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Always Check for New Releases

We constantly produce ne wR&B beats on a daily basis. Our team of professionals always have their hands on deck, working round the clock. This is the only way for us to stay relevant in the scheme of things, especially in the music industry. While beat productions is always on-going, to make sure that our scores of customers are well serviced, we also take time to make new releases so that people can have access to them. Always watch out for our regular updates. You must make sure that you are always on the alert so that any time we drop an update or a new release, you can quickly have unfettered access to it. The new releases could be for any type of beats as well as tracks on which vocals have been recorded. It may even be a finished work in this case.

Pricing, Licensing and Support

Our R&B beats are not only readily available, but also very cheap to come by. The prices are artist friendly. We believe in servicing our customers, and we know that you don’t have a ton of money to spend on a beat. We know that when we are good to our customers, they will be good to us. We try to provide the best price that can be given, especially to an upcoming artist. Our beats will project you into the limelight and also enable you to make your own profit. There are different prices for various types of music. For example, the price for jazz is just a little bit different from that of hip hop. There is also a standard licensing agreement that you must be very familiar with as you purchase your desired beats. This is a standard in the music industry. We have a very wonderful after sales support service to attend to any issue that you may have. Our customer service representatives will be there to swiftly respond to any query that you present.


We have a ton of experience in the music industry, especially when it concerns high-quality r&b beats for sale. Our beats over the years have produced famous artists that cannot be forgotten in a hurry. Come and shop for your beats and you will be glad you did. Below are lists of the different kinds of beats that are available:

  • Up-tempo Latin R&B track
  • R&B with wide chromatic perch melody
  • Smooth R&B/rap beats with guitar
  • Trap/R&B instrumental with smooth vibes
  • Vibey hip hop R&B track
  • Smooth R&B banger
  • Crossover R&B hip hop beats
  • Guitar with tight drums

We are ready to seriously partner with you so that we can help to spice your career and take it in the proper direction. With an array of experience hands, we will produce a top class R&B beats with the quality that you deserve at a very affordable rate with an excellent after sales service. 

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